How The Trump Administration Is Changing The Face Of WIC

The Trump government wants to junk food stamps to get low-income Americans and substitute them with boxes of non-perishable food items chosen by the authorities, Politico reported Monday.

Cash Loans And WIC
Cash Loans And WIC

White House budget manager Mick Mulvaney touted the proposition and contained from the White House budget, released Monday. According to the government, it could save the government $129 billion.

Compared the step shipping firm Blue Apron.

President Donald Trump pauses while talking to reporters in the Oval Office in the White House at Washington, D.C., on February 9. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Under the strategy, instead of online personal loans,  the the sum of money low-income households get as part of this Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, also called food stamps, could be slashed, and they’d get a product dubbed”America’s Harvest Box” from the Department of Agriculture.

That box could comprise staples such as peanut butter, milk, canned fruits and legumes, and cereal.

Critics likened the plan and questioned the boxes could be sent to distant communities and might accommodate people with special nutritional requirements how.

The Food Research and Action Center, a notable nonprofit group, advised Politico the crop box thought could be”expensive, ineffective, stigmatizing, and vulnerable to collapse.”


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