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Only application requirements

18 years old or older

Application requirements are:

A current valid phone number
A current valid phone number
Current valid contact information & current address
A current valid checking account that accepts electronic transfers

Applying For Cash Advance Loans With Us:

Cash advances from CAPLO are fast and easy, to qualify for a cash advance online loan a person must meet the following criteria:

18 years old or older, must meet standard minimum employment or income requirements, and must provide proof of the above requirements in our 2-minute online application process.

We’ll also ask for employment details and/or any additional sources of recurring income. Once you complete the online loan application with CAPLO for one of our short-term loans, we provide you with an approval answer instantly. We don’t rely on traditional credit checks or credit scores to make lending decisions, we open the door for individuals who might have struggled with poor credit in the past. No faxing is required and you won’t have to wait days for an answer.

CAPLO’s short-term loan options usually offer approved first-time borrowers up to $250; once you make an initial loan repayment on time and also working with CAPLO and establishing a good lending history, you may be able to increase how much you can borrow at a time from us (availability varies by state).

CAPLO lets you choose from several options when it comes to how you want to receive your money, and we are typically able to transfer your approved loan funds within 15 minutes (where available; an additional fee may apply). However, every bank is different and your bank determines when those funds are available to you, so make sure to check with your bank prior to receiving your cash advance funds into your account.

Getting A Cash Advance With Us Now

CAPLO doesn’t place any limitations on how your cash advance is used. Once you are approved for a cash advance loan of any amount and once you received those funds, the money is yours to do with as you please. Of course, CAPLO does encourage responsible use of borrower’s financial resources, we want you to succeed financially, to that end our goal is to help eligible individuals build their credit over time. CAPLO always recommends that individuals who take cash advances online use them responsibly.

You CAN Get A Cash Advance Online…

Typically when people think of cash advance payday loans (sometimes also known as payday cash advance loans are something associated with credit cards or other lines of credit. Many credit card companies make it easy for customers to receive cash advances near their location by using their credit card at a local ATM. The problem with doing business this way is that the costs of the cash advanced loans can add up quickly and you might not even realize what all those undisclosed costs are that you are incurring when you avail yourself of such loans and cash advance programs. You’ll likely pay an ATM fee charged by the bank that owns or runs the machines, and you might also pay a fee to the credit card company for getting the cash advance, along with finance charges and interest if you don’t pay the money back before your next billing cycle… and these costs can be significant.

How Does An Online Loan Company Provide A Cash Advance?

When dealing with online cash advance providers, the entirety of the process is handled electronically online. That means no traveling to a physical location to fill out lengthy paperwork and endlessly confusing forms. Instead, simply complete our fast, easy 2 – minute online cash advance loan application online, and you will be informed of your approval status online or via email and receive your funds via an electronic transfer to your bank account within 24 hours!

At CAPLO, getting the cash advance payday loans online that you need is fast, easy and safe!

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